28 June 2014

Character Generation

All Paizo Pathfinder material is open for use. 3rd Party or custom rules to be considered by request.

Ability Generation: 20 Point-Buy
Race: Any
Class: Any
Starting Level: 5th
Starting Wealth: 10,500 gp
Starting Location: Absalom
Optional Rules: Hero Points (3), Story Feats (1), Traits (2).
House Rules: Fixed Hit Point Progression

You are seasoned veterans that have ventured forth into the great unknown, tested by the trials of your first adventures in the Inner Sea...and survived. At the end of this latest adventuring season, each of you has returned to the small well-kept Chapter House in Absalom that you joined two years ago as part of a band of 23 talented recruits.  The front door lists on broken hinges, the house tidily ransacked, your benefactor and head of your adventuring chapter dead in his bed, and fellow recruits missing. Authorities ruled it a natural death and investigations ended in trails gone cold months before your return.

The remainder of the summer and fall months pass and tales of lost members continue to filter back to the Chapter House.  It seems you are the last of your Chapter.  In his will your benefactor left the house to the surviving senior-most members of the chapter, you.  While ownership of the house is yours, taxes are due at the end of the year and are not inconsequential. Real estate in Absalom is a high end market.

Winter has passed and a new adventuring season has begun. You have had adventures together, depended on one another in deadly crises, and saved each other's lives countless times over. You have proven and dependable comrades at your side, a home in Absalom, powerful items at your call, and experience to draw upon when in need. What adventures will you seek out before the summer's end?