08 August 2014

Game 1:
Tommy's Sister back story:
Sahba = Tommy's sister
Herod Thislewhip = remaining killer
Member of Broken Blade a wanna be assassin's guild
Bets on the main event at the gladiotor arena

Stilied Sailor = Common bar of the Navy

Swift Vengance = Shade's ship
Krayathor = Boat CoB

Skeld = Street Rat boy
Lori = Street rat girl

Wrecken Maiden = Bar

Alabaster = Bath House
Patron Mona
Cameron's primary girl Lily

Surese Guild house priest of Irastil

25 July 2014

Emrys' Backstory

Emrys is a young dragon rider and thus has not really had time to adventure besides with the society. You know he is 16, he's been training with the (now retired) leader of the dragonriders in Absalom since he was 8. He is from Claes in Andoran and has a natural affinity and love for the sea. He can trace his ancestry back to the founding of Andoran where his grandfather served directly under the great general Reginald Cormoth. His father was from Oppara in Taldor. He doesn't know much about his father, only that his name is Venezio and he had elf blood far down the line (far enough down the line he didn't have the ears). The ship Emrys's father was serving on, a fishing vessel, disappeared at sea when he was 3. His mother still lives in Claes. But now to the most important part, the dragon. Her name is Ilysa. She is a bronze dragon. She is very protective of Emrys and he of her. You can tell their connection goes deeper than the 8 years she's been around. They can both be playful at times but mostly are respectful and reserved.