23 July 2014

Cameron Blackwater Backstory

Cameron Blackwater, although that is not his birth name it is what he goes by today.  He was born into a serf family of the Taldorian Empire, in Cassomir.   His mother died when he was about 6 years old due to a punishment from her Lord for failing at some meaningless task.  This affected Cameron, his father was required to work more to cover the cost of him and his 4 siblings.   He began to act out and got involved in some of the local criminal activities.  He was street smart and good for getting out of trouble either by talking his way out or slipping the noose.  He did well and was eventually recruited into a local rogue’s den.  He found favor with the Rogue master, Jol, and was counted as his protege.

Cameron was sent on a mission with his closest friend in the guild, Tristan.  This act ended up getting his friend killed and him in jail.  He blamed himself for betraying his ally as he was not there to help, instead he was trying to recover a secondary item for Jol, a ruby the size of a human heart.  Later in jail he found out that Jol had set it up for Tristan to get captured and hoped that Cameron would be able to slip away, but he did not count on his loyalty to Tristan over the loyalty to the guild.

While in jail he was sent off to a faraway prison where he served his time.

After prison, He leveraged his knowledge and skills to help him get the job of spying for the City of Absalom.  He started as a guard and worked his way into the intelligence community.  Gathering detail and getting into and out of places a normal guard couldn't.

After a while he realized that he spent his time chasing Absalom’s objectives and not his own.  He found out about the Chapter House Maer'zan and determine that he could make more money and have more free time to pursue his personal agenda, by going into private adventuring.