23 July 2014

Follow up to the leads

I would like more information. As I think that we should try to review them in more depth before committing to a course of action:
  1. How far is the nation of Andoran: Crypt of what (dead, money cache), uncovered by who or what
  2. What kind of Artifacts (Magic, Valuable, etc.): Who is the source of these rumors?
  3. How far is Lake Encarthan: Is this a common adventuring place?
  4. Where is this sunken temple: Temple to what/whom?
  5. Are they a common good like all silk or do they vary?
  6. Sighted how many times: Sighted by who? How far is the Isle of Kortos?
  7. I also have questions about the chapter house: What happened? Who is missing? Do we have enemies? Who would benefit from our demise?

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Brett Bachelor said...

The leads are sketchy and most will require coaxing additional information to turn them into fruitful adventure. Below is what you do know now:

1. The nation of Andoran is not far, just north and a little west across the sea.

2. It is rumored that a small magical item has surfaced in the city bazaar and bearer carries tales of where it came from.

3. North and west across the sea, taking a river north takes you deep into the interior of the continent where the great lake lies. No one goes to the center of the lake, tales of death and curses abound.

4. A temple to a long dead god off the shore of Cheliax (to the west) was rumored to be found.

5. Varies.

6. Two sightings so far. You stand, even now in Absalom, upon the Isle of Kortos.

7. Murder happened! Everyone is missing, most are dead or run off. No enemies specific to you but the House may have had enemies, though with the demise of the Chapter Master - it may be moot at this point. None would benefit at your demise except the cutpurses of the streets who would murder you and loot your corpse.