28 June 2014

Braegar Maer'zahn

Lord of Chapter House Maer'zahn

Current Status: Deceased

Description: Dusty old man with scars and crags for wrinkles on his face and arms. He often leans back on his haunches, eyeing you from under his bushy eyebrows with a stern glare followed by a barking command. Lessons that, more often than not, would some day save your life.

History: For 20 years Braegar has been retired from the adventuring life but instead of settling down and kicking up his boots he turned to gathering and training talented youngsters eager to set off for adventure but little wit to survive them.  So started his own Chapter House (there are many like it in Absalom, but this one is his) and has run it with great success and has taught some of the latest generation's greatest heroes.  However, the last 5 years misfortune has fallen upon his Chapter House with disasters and accidents foreshadowing his own demise. Just 2 years ago he put forth great effort to replenish his ranks with two-fold the usual number of recruits but to little avail. All that remain of his legacy is a dusty old house and a handful of freshly blooded recruits. Below in the crypt his body now lies, the last of his coffers spent to raise him from the dead but alas the old man did not return to his mortal coil.  Perhaps now he will find the peace he could never find in life.